Programs & Resources

There are several programs and resources available to help assist you in making decisions regarding production of your crops and livestock. 


MSU Richland County Extension Ag Services

The Extension Office provides the following services in house:

  • Plant ID
  • Insect ID
  • Plant Disease Diagnostics
  • Forage Nitrate Testing
  • TDS Water Quality Testing

The Extension Office is able to assist in: 

  • Soil Testing & Result Interpretation
  • Forage Testing & Result Interpretation

The Extension Office has the following tools available for check out:

  • Hay Probe
  • Colorado Hay Probe
  • Soil Probe
  • Live Trap


Grasshopper Information

The 2022 Rangeland Grasshopper Hazard for Montana is provided by USDA-APHIS. The grasshopper outlook for 2022 is based on adult grasshopper counts in the fall of 2021. Eight million acres are forecasted to experience grasshoppers at or above the economic threshold of 15 grasshoppers per square yard, while 45.8 million acres are forecasted to experience just under the economic threshold.

The grasshopper outlook for 2022 again looks troubling for much of Montana, including Richland County and the surrounding areas. USDA-ARS Northern Plains Agriculture Research Laboratory and MSU Richland County Extension hosted a Grasshopper Workshop to discuss grasshopper research and management on range and croplands and the likelihood of large outbreaks in the region again this summer. 

The recording of the Grasshopper Workshop is now available. The passcode for the recording is: r5NmJ!XN 

In addition to the recording, Dave Branson's presentation and Gary Adams' presentation have both been made available for those who are interested. 


Agriculture Economic Tools

New/updated online tools are available to producers to assist in making economic farm management decisions.

tablet in fieldtablet with cows